About Me

Dreamer. Passionate. Creative. Kind. Honest.

Are a few words to describe me; although I am a nice guy, I am not perfect; however, with love and faith, I strive to improve every day in order to achieve my goals and live my truth.

A life full of adventures

Bolivia is where I was born. I have always and will continue to live my life with passion and enjoy every minute of it.

The little things

I am a man with many interests, including video games, animal care, writing, Chelsea FC, science fiction, aliens, and post-apocalyptic stories.

My collection of thoughts

It’s safe to say that I collected several experiences along the way, either bad or good, wins and failures, but every single one of them taught me a lesson.

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Self-respect Is a secret discovered by giving value to life

I’m more than happy to write and get my feelings out there for everyone to read; if I can help someone in the meantime, I’ll be overjoyed.

Drop me a line. If you dare.

With love, you become fearless.
With Faith, you become unstoppable.