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Life is about improving each day; together, you and I can leave our past selves behind and fight to be better today, fight for our truth, design our dreams, and make them a reality.

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Personal anecdotes about football, pets and mischiefs

How Video games make you self-aware

How Video games make you self-aware

Riddle: You use me to teach and make decisions, I am what forms you, I can be both bad and good. I can make you grow, and I can sink you in the dark. What am I? Knowledge is the fact or condition of being aware of something. You know which food is bad for you and...

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Superhumans, video games, and the now.

Superhumans, video games, and the now.

Riddle: Whenever you see the clock I am there, I follow you every step of your way, I only disappear once in a lifetime, what am I? There’s a time and there’s a space, you occupy both. I’m writing these words at 09:45 on March 21 / 2023, I’m writing them on my...

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“It is the possibility of living a dream that makes life worth living.”
– Paulo Coelho

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With love, you become fearless.
With Faith, you become unstoppable.